Welcome to Kennel Alekri breeding of English Springer Spaniel (FCI)

We breed only ever of desire and love for our dogs and the breed.

Our goal is to breed fresh, healthy and breed typical dogs, that meet the breed standard requirements for English Springer Spaniels with regard to mentality, performance and exterior. Our dogs are the classic ESS – with brugslinier.

We live close together with dogs and puppies.

We have our dogs with us in day to day life i.e.. within. When we have puppies, They also live in the living room. In the first time, our other dogs, however, only have access to the puppies together with us, and only to the extent that the bitch allows. The first 2-3 weeks, the bitch and the puppies have the peace and tranquility. When the puppies are about 4 weeks, they get direct access to the puppy farm outside. They are trained at indkalds-whistle and is clean, When they move from home. Accidents can happen.

About us
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